Old Knudsen, I put your comments down to lack of education, lack of intelligence and down right childishness. Why don't you go back to school and learn something useful because you are so Immature by posting such crap!


Bittersweet me

who needs drugs when you can read OBB ...

Ron Knee

Kidding aside, Mr Knud but I think with the talent you have you should be putting together some sort of book for publication and monetary retribution.
Not lickin' yer arse or nuffink but the way you write is indicative of some cunt who could be making a fekkin' good living writin' booooks in the line o' whit the late great Peter Cook did an' all that.
Every time I come tae yur place on teh wheb I read a great diatribe of what goes through yer twisted but "what the nation thinks" mind. You have the nation by the bollocks and you dinna mind whit ye say.
Such stuff should be made to put akkers in yer pocket. I suspect that ye are in reality some sort of recognised writer operating on this lecherous site under a pseudonym either as an outlet to vent ur spleen to the masses or ye could be an as yet undiscovered gem.
Either way you take the time to put intae wurds whit I meself try to put intae pictures.
I have no time or patience to put what I think intae wurds. You is writer, Knudsen. Full stops.


Peed myself over this one. But I am sure you don't want to hear about an ageing ladies wet knickers. Do you?


I'm not sure if this blog is disturbing or brilliant.

Inner Voices

i vant to suck yer blooood. hahaha great post ya filthy blood sucker!



Make it stop! Your going to give me nightmares ya bastard.-P


Manning was an unfunny egotistical tosser. Are you two related? BAM!! I rule.

I'm puttin a mick fatwa on you. It's called a "fuckwha?".

My Reflecting Pool

I love it. amateurs. I yuv your rants. :0)


Why your not foreign secretary I will never know....


Free Speech Reigns Here - You Rock!

I followed you home from 'Around My Kitchen Table' and almost wet myself laughing after reading your profile, and this post. I'll be back to read more.

Lord Milky

My, you have led a life Knudsen! Piss, vinegar and space travel. Marvellous

Mrs CeCrux

I put you on my blog because I think others need to read you....

I also think your mother not only dropped you on your head as a baby...but I think she threw you across!

Ha. Gotcha

Old man you're awesome. I'm sorry but fuck it's the best profile I've ever read. I'm definitely coming back here cause you make me laugh too damn much

Around My Kitchen Table

Mr Bitter Balls, your blog is a work of art. Its scorn of all humankind and its myriad proclivities is so all-encompassing that it becomes, paradoxically, even-handed and unprejudiced. And, more importantly, a good read too!


Kate Isis

Thank God the Germans have taken their rightful place once again.
You gotta love a guy who tells it how it is and doesn't apologise for it.
Welcome back Old K, not that you ever left but it was great mind fuck while it lasted.

Ok so now i've spat my biscuits and dip twice. Laughing my arse off until I have chest pains. Too funny.


Huzzah for the return of the bitter one, lets us all rejoice in his bitterness and be thankful for it


Rod Mckuen

Vile and unsanitary vodka nonagenarian crusted, floating balls of animal sticky hair. Heat rash, beans for lunch like a mouse squeaking in a trap, insufficient support for whenever scaly psoriasis because gravity, called moobs, deflated patchy red rash all over the unsightly lumpiness of the ew ew ew hanging out. Traffic accidents when a dog that's too licky because with identical roll-on deodorant used by teenage girls. Really icky linty too lazy in a pop bottle next to the victrola, wintergreen liniment strong enough to fricken taste (call me.)"
'tribute to knudson', rod mckuen (deceased)

And From First Nations herself.

foul, dire, Elvis-impersonating with a tiny dog on a string by the courthouse one spring day, hetook up the harpsichordplaying upon his own large instrumentthere upon the broad way.
the tiny dog lamented low'foul, base, vile man', quoth he(it was a boy dog)'thinkest not that thy own fair foullness defines the very soul of knudsonness?'and fell silent.
redux flenses the night of all right, when reason failsand knudson, playing his instrument
sinks into the wine-dark seapassing wind, softly softly .


Dear Prudence

Everybody Wang Chung tonight! You make me giggle and my panties are moist. You bugger

Sam Problem-Child-Bride

Knudsen, your mind is a rare and wonderful thing. It sparkles darkly like black diamonds. Let me tell me how happy I am you're mining them for us in this blog.